Towerview Ranch was established in 1979

The ranch is located in a semi arid environment in South Eastern Alberta, Canada.

The Towerview Ranch land base consists of 4,050 acres of tame and native pastures, with adequate grass production, 480 acres rented pasture land, and grazing allotments in a community pasture as well as PFRA pastures.

The Towerview herd consists of 200 commercial cows and 80 elite purebred Gelbvieh females
The purebred herd started in 2000, with cows coming from top producers throughout Western Canada.

Towerview Ranch uses a strong AI program, as well as using some of the best walking sires available
Bulls are sold at private treaty, as well as at the spring bull sale.

A few females are marketed through the Canadian Western Agribition Gelbvieh Sale and the Gelbvieh Wishlist sale each December.

The Towerview program is geared to low birth weights and curve bending growth. Calves are raised alongside their mothers, without creep feed or irrigated pastures. The Towerview cattle can look after themselves and perform at a high level.

The commercial cows have been the backbone of our operation and we are very proud of their production.  A lot of emphasis is on strong maternal traits, including calving ease, milk production and temperament.  The cows are all highly productive with a pregnancy rate rarely below 95%.
Our commercial cows calve starting the first week in April and are sold the end of October, with our calves consistently at the top of the market each year.

Our heifers calve out alongside our cows, on pasture, and never calving earlier than the cows or having any worries about their abilities to calve on their own.