Towerview Ranch was established in southeastern Alberta, Canada in 1979 and we began our journey raising purebred Gelbvieh in 2000. We started by purchasing a few heifers from leading purebred Gelbvieh breeders at Farm Fair and Agribition.

Our climate is harsh with not a lot of rain and our winters can be long and at times bitterly cold. So the cattle we raise have to be able to thrive in our environment. They are not pampered in any way.

The cows are moderately framed, productive and highly fertile with an abundance of milk. These cows are easy calvers and produce curve bending numbers (e.g. BW80 – WW800).

The sires that we have purchased have been from seedstock producers here in Canada as well as the U.S. And are both walking and A.I. We look for the best phenotypical and genotypical bull that will work on our cow herd.

Towerview believes that both males and females need to be quality and problem free cattle. And that the calves that we raise must follow this requirement as pounds are dollars.

Purchasing Towerview Ranch genetics is an investment in a rancher’s herd. Our genetics provide a rancher with high quality red or black cattle. We believe we have made a name for ourselves with our outstanding customer service.

We have never been overly enthusiastic about the show ring but have participated in local shows to promote our amazing product. As a Gelbvieh breeder we see the definite contribution that this breed can and is indeed making to help make beef competitive with other meat products.

Give us a call and you are more than welcome to stop by for a visit anytime. You will not be disappointed!

Purebred Gelbvieh Cattle